Sunday, October 31, 2010

Along State Route 2, Northwest Indiana

On the bus, headed from Notre Dame, Indiana, to Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois, on October 26, 2010, following a visit to my aging Dad...
It had been a warm, windy weekend and on the 26th, a cold front passed through Wisconsin, Illinois, & Indiana bringing thunderstorms, high winds, and a few tornadoes. O'Hare International was closed for an hour or so due to the severity of the storms creating havoc for some travelers. This created something of an opportunity for me, since the backside of these weather fronts usually means a few hours of lingering clouds and maybe some lingering showers, but mostly much clearer air, even if it's a touch windy. In October, with longer shadows and the colors of the remaining leaves on the deciduous trees still changing, it's a real opportunity to have some fun with all the possibilities. As things turned out, the weather cleared shortly after I boarded the bus and as we rumbled along S.R.2 through La Porte County, I thought I'd try and capture some of the tumult and turmoil of the morning's weather and its aftermath along with a taste of the season photographically. By using a slow shutter speed 1/10 of a second or so and riding on the bus bus doing 50 mph, I knew that most everything would be blurred, with objects in the foreground being more blurred than those in the distance, creating am Impressionistic sense of motion. What also makes it lots of fun is you're never sure what you'll get, so it's something of Chaos Theory thrown in for good measure. More to come anon.

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