Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah Kate!

A second post today because I missed one yesterday and this one's a photo within a photo with similar colors and tones- but wait- there's more! It's a photo of my daughter Sarah Kate taken oh, maybe 23 years ago or so when we lived in Oakland, CA, but probably not on her birthday which would've been over the top, but it is photographed, like the original, in front of the current family room fireplace. Ok, so that's enough of the photo metaphor thing already. But like the previous post today, photos are mementos, too, maybe even moreso than other objects, which would explain the explosion of cameras in nearly every digital device being made today.
All of which brings me to the current moment which has me holding Sarah's photo near, remembering the times she and her sister would barge in on their mother and I on weekend mornings and snuggle up and revel in burying their noses in the pillows and sheets, our shoulders and cheeks even as she's living life large, enjoying a weekend with her honey and close friends in NYC.

May you have as many, if not more, wonderful memories, too!

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