Friday, April 30, 2010


Those things that are left to remind you of someone or someplace- an event perhaps, that have some intrinsic value of their own, but take on a deeper significance when you know you will never again see that person, be in that place, partake of that event or similar one in this lifetime.
Some say that we imbue some of the objects we touch with our own spirit; mostly I think we associate those things with our memories of the person, place, or event they belonged to. This was my Mother's crystal clock. Photographed in the fading afternoon light at a wide aperture rendered a very narrow range of sharpness that also makes it appear to be floating above the surface it's resting on. I shot it thinking I would get more color from the facets, was maybe a bit disappointed that there wasn't more showing but now looking at it and writing about it, I'm seeing elements of her personality and our relationship that hadn't occurred to me before. I like that.

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