Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunset, Columbia River Highway

Leaving Cape Disappointment, we crossed the Astoria Megler Bridge again, hooked up with US 30 and headed east along the Columbia River. Not too far out of Astoria, the fog started to dissipate and we were treated to the beauty of the scenery along the East Columbia River Highway interspersed with afternoon sunlight. 15 miles or so west of the town of Clatskanie, some fellow travelers apparently were distracted in the process of negotiating a curve in the roadway and wound up with their car in a pretty bad way off the side of the road. First responders were already on site, so we continued onward,  albeit a bit more cautiously, an ambulance speeding towards us serving to reinforce the need for drivers to drive and pay attention to the road. A few miles east of Clatskanie, we were heading up a hill and treated to the setting sun behind us. We pulled off onto a logging road and I managed to squeeze off a few shots. I'm a sucker for sunsets-used to chase them when I was young and look for higher ground so I could capture the final rays of light in the deepening sky. Not an easy task in the  relatively flat farm country of Northern Indiana, but it was great fun.

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