Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Oregon Trip, Day Two

After touring the Pacific Coast between Cannon Beach and Cape Disappointment, traveling the Columbia River Highway west of Portland on our first full day, Marika took us to see some of the falls along the Columbia River east of Portland for our second day's adventure. First stop was at John B. Yeon State Park and a hike up the Gorge Trail to Elowah Falls.

First view of Elowah Falls from the trail.

The base of Elowah Falls.
Full view of Elowah Falls.

Gotta get a wild flower guide! These around the pool at the base of Elowah Falls.

On our way back down the trail from Elowah Falls, we decided to take the trail to the Upper McCord Creek Falls. This trail afforded us some views of the Columbia River  that the lower trail did not, so it was pretty cool. A few rain drops along the way, but nothing significant to keep us from enjoying the moment.

Upper McCord Creek Falls. Next post will find us visiting the town of Hood River, Horse Tail Falls and Multnomah Falls.

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